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Art Giveaways

and Freebies.

We hold regular art giveaways to help encourage
Art Appreciation and Creativity,
or to help support local
artists, businesses, and charities.
New Giveaways
We announce our online giveaways on our
Facebook  and Twitter pages.
Our in-person giveaways that help support
local artists, businesses, or charities
will be announced on our Facebook Events page.
Check out our social media pages to see some of our
previous giveaways or local events.
If you are an artist, business, or organization
that would like to collaborate with us
on a giveaway,
a fundraiser,
community event,
or to help support the Arts,
please contact
info (at)
It's free to collaborate with us
whether you are an Artist, Business, or Charity.
For Artists, we can co-create a promotion, giveaway,
fundraiser, or other local event. 
For businesses,
we can co-create unique art-themed giveaways,
and other events to reward and engage your customers, 
and to help support your community.
For charities and other organizations,
we can collaborate on fundraising events,
and we can share revenue and other 
resources when your supporters
shop in our stores.
For more info, check out our
Partner with Us page!

Check out these other art freebies you can get

Right Now!

Psykopaint is an amazing free online painting software that allows you to turn your favorite photos into paintings.  The brush styles in the program are named after the famous artists whose style the brushes are modeled after.  Our favorite was the Renoir brush!
LunaPic is another creative free art software program you can use right online.  There are over 200 special effects you can utilize to enhance your art images and photographs.  Our favorite tool was the Transparent background tool under the Edit function.  It let us create some great PNG files to overlay on any color background, like an iron-on shirt transfer.
Looking for some free downloadable art material?
Our Pinterest board has a collection of Free Printables from around the web.  Instantly download and use for your creative projects.
Are you an Artist that would like to have your work featured in one of our monthly art giveaways?  
Email us at artists(at)
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