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What is Love Art House?

Love Art House 

is an Arts Promotion and Advocacy Organization. 
We firmly believe in the power of Art to transform our lives, 
to improve physical and emotional health,

and provide personal and spiritual 

Art provides a common bond for all of us.

It helps us express ourselves fully,

and to share our Universal experiences.

Our Mission is to spread passion for the Arts everywhere,
and to utilize Art to help serve our communities.

We share our resources and revenues from our art stores 
and projects with local organizations helping those less fortunate,

and those working to spread the Arts throughout their Communities.


We collaborate with Artists, and find unique ways to

share and promote the work of talented Artists everywhere.


We encourage active Arts participation,

and reward Art Lovers and Enthusiasts.

We'd love your help.

Want to utilize your Art to help your community? 

Want to help an organization helping those in need?

Want to help spread love of the Arts in your city?

Want to share any art or ideas with us?

Please write to us:

Love Art. 



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