Art + Communities

Together for Good

    What is Love Art House?

 Love Art House is an organization dedicated to utilizing 
the Arts to improve our lives, and to help our local Communities.

We encourage Arts Engagement, Creativity, 
and helping those in need.   

funds and other resources with local
Poverty/Homeless Organizations.

We would love for you to join us.

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Get Involved in the Arts.
Help Your Community &
Get Rewarded.

We want people everywhere
to engage more with the Arts.

Art has the power to improve
our lives and our health. 

Whether it's creating art, 
attending events, visiting museums 
and restaurants, and more,
we encourage others
to connect with the Arts
more often.

Get Involved.

We are connecting with 
art and creative groups on 
 to reward
for their 
participation in
group events, 
and to share revenues 
from our 
Art Shops 
with local Homeless/Poverty organizations 
in their cities.

If you run an arts-related group, 
or are a member of one,
please email us at
to find out how you can get perks,
freebies, and other rewards
for your group.

Collect Art.
Help End Poverty.

Support the Arts and  
help your community.

We share our proceeds and other
resources with local 
Poverty Charities

When you buy art from one
of our online shops,
we share a portion
of revenue with a local
Homeless/Poverty organization
in your town. 

Visit our online art stores to collect
affordable vintage and
modern art gifts. 

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Helping Communities
With Art.

Our mission is to utilize the Arts
to support our communities,
and help end Poverty.

We share our revenues

 and donate in-kind goods,
and art supplies to local
Poverty charities

If you work with a Poverty organization,
and would like to know more
about partnering with us,
please send an email to

Do you have an idea for how to help your community with the Arts?  
We would love to hear from you.
Please send a message to the Director