Art + Communities

Together for Good

    What is Love Art House?

 Love Art House is an organization dedicated to utilizing 
the Arts to improve our lives, and to help our local Communities.

We encourage Arts Engagement, Creativity, 
and Helping People in Need.   

funds and other resources with local
Homeless and Poverty organizations.

We would love for you to join us.

art from Vincent Van Gogh

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Share Your Art, 
or Art You Love

We connect with 
Artists and Art Lovers through our
Monthly newsletter,
The Art Love Letter.

Every month, we host free art 
and music giveaways,
as well as share the work of talented 
artists, photographers, musicians,
artisans, and more.

We also spotlight charities helping the homeless, and other unique Arts organizations.

If you'd like to share your art, 
 share art you've discovered,
tell us about a local homeless organization in need in your city,
or participate in some great giveaways,
request our Art Love Letter newsletter
(Your info will Always remain 
private and confidential)

Help Others 
With Art.

You can help those in need 
with the Arts.

How you can help with us:

When you buy art from one of our online shops, we share some of our revenue with local Homeless and Poverty organizations
Visit our online art stores to collect
affordable vintage and
modern art gifts. 

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Or Help on Your Own:

We also encourage you to give time or resources on your own to an organization in your community helping those in need.   

If you sell art, we
encourage you to share what you earn with a local organization fighting homelessness.   

To find an organization near you,  
or to find other ways to help,
visit these websites for more info:

Helping Communities
With Art.

Our mission is to utilize the Arts
to support our communities,
and help fight Poverty.

We share our revenues

 and donate in-kind goods,
and art supplies to local Homeless and
Poverty charities

If you work with an organization helping those in need,
and would like to partner with us to receive resources,
or if you'd like to tell us about a local organization in your neighborhood,
please send an email to

Do you have an idea for how to help your community with the Arts?  
We would love to hear from you.
Please send a message to our Director.

Together, we can make a difference.