Love Art.

 Love Art House 
is an Arts Advocacy and Promotion organization.
We utilize the 
Arts to improve our lives, 
and to help our Communities.

We encourage 
Creativity and Helping Others in need.   

funds and other resources with
 organizations helping those less fortunate.

 talented, original artists and musicians for free.

We would love 
for you to join with us.

(art from 
Vincent Van Gogh)

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Art Shops
Our art shops house beautiful, affordable work from
vintage artists & photographers
as well as modern art & photography.   
We also have special City shops featuring modern & vintage 
artwork about that city (more cities on the way).  

 We share revenues and other resources from our shops with 
organizations helping those less fortunate in their cities.

Please browse our shops to find some affordable art gifts you will love.

Vintage & Modern Art Shop

Love Art House Main Art Shop

                                                                      Boston Art Shop

Love Art House Boston Shop

                                                                       Chicago Art Shop

Love Art House Chicago Shop

                                                                      Dallas Art Shop


Love Art House Dallas Shop

                                                           Etsy/Handmade Gifts Shop

Etsy Gift Shop

Help for Artists 

Artists today need to navigate new ways of connecting to Art Lovers.  

The same methods that are no longer working for businesses to connect with customers are also failing artists.  

People are inundated with messages about art and music, along with many other things all of the time.  

It’s becoming easier for people to tune out traditional marketing and advertising, and even newer media 'tactics'.

Nothing cuts through the noise and chatter of other marketing and advertising 

like developing a real connection to your potential fanbase.

Good, sincere connections create loyal fans.

Love Art House works to create great connections with art lovers and artists, 

engaging them in ways that help to fuel their love for the Arts.  

The same way businesses are learning how to nurture relationships with their potential prospects, 

artists need help to nurture their connections with current and potential fans.  

Work with us for free.  
Together, we can develop new ways to connect you 
to enthusiastic art lovers and fans.

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Utilizing Art to Create Change

Help Others 
With Your Art 
or Your Time.

We encourage you to give time or resources to organizations
 in your community helping those in need.   
If you sell art, please consider sharing part of what you earn 
with a local organization fighting homelessness.   

To find an organization near you, or to find other ways to help, 
please visit these websites for more info:

If you'd like to partner with us and utilize your Art to 
help an organization in need in your community, 
please visit our Open Artists Project Page for more details. 

Helping Communities 
With Art.

Part of our mission is to utilize the Arts 
to support our communities, 
and those less fortunate.

We share part of our revenues and donate in-kind goods, 
and art supplies to organizations helping those in need in their cities

Please email us at
to find out more.